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    The Chamberlain Group is an award-winning team (Top 1% in Canada in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016) that knows how to deliver. The innovative group has a incredible passion for helping families and revolutionizing the real estate experience that makes it easy to exceed your expectations and provide extraordinary results. They exist to help families transition well into the next phase of life. It could be someone buying their first home, moving in together for the first time or even expanding to a larger home to make room for more little feet.

    They are a team of expert advisors who will truly care and help you through the process of moving and truly aim to add extreme value to the transaction but more importantly to your life.

    “By utilizing our proven, repeatable systems that are backed by market research, it ensures you get the most amount of money for your home Guaranteed… Or we will buy it!”
    ~Jared Chamberlain | CEO/Expert Advisor
    Featured Agents

    Jared Chamberlain

    Broker & CEO


    Broker & CEO Working in the real estate industry since 2004, Jared is known for his ambition and ability to exceed clients’ expectations. His market expertise, structured focus and competitive nature not only provides home-sellers with the best results possible, they also encourage The Chamberlain Group team to move forward. Through sophisticated systems and goal setting, Jared aims to revolutionize the real estate industry, building a platform that’s based on mutual respect, integrity and results.

    Rebecca Chamberlain

    Sr. Partner & Listing Specialist


    Director of Sales | Sr. Expert Advisor Over the past decade, Rebecca has established herself best in class among Calgary real estate agents. Clients and colleagues alike depend on Rebecca’s experience, expertise and ideas, knowing that she has their best interests at heart, as well as an acute understanding of the bottom line. A meticulous problem solver, she cares about the details in the home buying and selling processes. Her resolute approach to getting the job done consistently provides the best outcomes for her clients, giving her great joy and satisfaction when they find their dream homes. Rebecca’s sense of humor and uplifting demeanor are a refreshing complement to the buying/selling process.

    Alex Weston



    Sr. Expert Advisor Unorthodox and refreshing, Alex’s approach to the home-buying process is all about understanding his clients’ needs in order to deliver sensational results. A quintessential people person, Alex’s enthusiasm and quick-witted demeanor is known to reduce stress during what can be a tough transition; his genuine, approachable nature puts his clients at ease, and his understanding of the Calgary real estate market ensures clients have both a resource and an advocate. In addition to all of this, he’s an encyclopedia for sports statistics and news. We dare you to ask him a sports trivia question.

    James Knibbe

    Partner & Listing Specialist


    Sr. Expert Advisor Deliberate and resourceful, James provides focused care that ensures the best results possible for his clients. His unique ability to combine original, innovative approaches with the tried and tested methods, gives his clients an advantage during the home buying process. His quick-wit, intellect, and strong work ethic are excellent counterparts to his flexible and thoughtful approach to real estate. Additionally, if you’re ever looking for book suggestions, or want to know who said that famous line in a movie, James is your man!

    Jill Masse

    Director of Closings


    Thoughtful and steadfast, Jill strives to make the home buying process as stress-free as possible for The Chamberlain Group’s clients. She puts homebuyers at ease by ensuring all of the legal documents are complete, appropriate appointments are scheduled, and necessary paperwork is exchanged. An invaluable member to the team, Jill’s efficiency, attention to detail and nuanced approach allows TCG clients to feel excited about their home, rather than worried about the transaction process.

    Maja Bilyk

    Sr. Buyer Advisor


    Buyer Advisor Maja is all heart plus dedication to her clients. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you will find her with a smile on her face but don’t let her fun-loving nature fool you, relentless focus is her game! She generates this focus by beginning each morning with a time of mediation. In 2013, Maja participated in a 10-day silent meditation course – that’s right, 10 days with NO talking! This time of solitude ensures Maja brings stability and encouragement to each client she encounters. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors (camping or hiking are her ideal hobbies) and like Jerry Seinfeld, she doesn’t watch TV, but loves a good book. Fluent in Polish, Maja also has a flare for experiencing different cultures and has travelled to a variety of destinations with Alaska and Spain being her top picks!

    Jessica Urstadt

    Director of Listings


    Landon Van Nistelrooy

    Buyer Advisor


    Stephane Swinton

    Director of Client Concierge


    Director of Client Concierge The spirit of Jolly Old St. Nicholas is exactly what Stephane embodies; while he doesn’t wear a red coat or have a fluffy white beard, Stephane – simply put – is joyful! We know you’ve just clicked on his picture to see who you’ve been speaking with all these times over the phone and we’re ok with that. After all, he is our inside sales expert. With a keen eye for efficiency and a proactive approach to the real estate market, Stephane’s genuine, humble, self-honestly just wants to help you out by streamlining your searches and lining up those much-needed meet-and-greets with our Advisors. In addition to all of this, he’s a talented Amazon shopper, a techie at heart, and enjoys belting out tunes while strumming his Fender strat.

    Layne Walters

    Preferred Mortgage Partner


    Mortgage Associate A licensed mortgage associate since 2005, Layne Walters is co-founder of Your Mortgage Team, and a Senior Associate at The Mortgage Group Alberta (TMG). Layne loves real estate, not only as an industry professional but also as a real estate investor. In addition to developing his own investment portfolio, he also mentors new investors on the best practices of how to create a great life from the cash-flow of long-term real estate investing. As guidelines and regulations with lenders and governments are consistently becoming more onerous and difficult, consider contacting Layne - he enjoys sharing his knowledge and connections around real estate financing and investing.

    Scott Grubbe

    Preferred Mortgage Partner


    Mortgage Broker With a degree in finance and 5 years experience at a major bank, Scott is a well-trained problem solver. He loves getting to assist clients in creating a customized mortgage solution that fits their needs, empowering them to make an investment in real estate. As a Mortgage Broker, Scott has access to over 50 lenders, including major banks, credit unions, trusts, as well as other national and regional lenders. And, since the lender pays his fee, his services are free to clients! Scott’s honest and calm approach to the job probably stems from his joy of being a Dad to his 3 young kids.

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